Rules of Engagement

Last updated 28th of December 2015

These Rules of Engagement govern your participation in the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium. Anyone who violates these rules will be disqualified by the Organizers. The Organizers may, at any time, disqualify participants and/or teams without providing a reason.

All personal information provided by participants must be valid.

Participants can only register a team with the full consent of all the other team members.

The infrastructure behind www.cybersecuritychallenge.be is not part of the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium unless stated otherwise, and thus is not allowed to be attacked. This includes but is not limited to the public website, the authenticated part, the answer entering & scoring system, ...

Attacks which may affect the availability of the underlying infrastructure, such as but not limited to (Distributed) Denial of Service attacks, are not allowed during the Game.

Only students of Belgian Academic Institutions can join in the qualifiers and finals. Participants must be 18 years of age; if you or a member of your team has not reached that age, please contact us before registering.

In order to participate in the finals, the team must include students graduating in 2018 or 2019.

Your team does not qualify for the finals but was part of the Top 10 teams in the Qualifiers round? We will not forget you, and you will receive something special to congratulate you on that performance.

Any kind of cheating attempts, such as but not limited to tampering with flags or scores, are explicitly not allowed and will result in disqualification. Sharing answers with other teams or "outsourcing" challenges to people outside the team is also considered cheating.

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