Welcome to the CTF 101

A hacking competition can be daunting, but fear not. Being good at Google, together with an inquisitive mind and an IT background can often get you very far. The challenges below are fairly easy if you already know the techniques involved, but if you don't, you can solve them with a bit of research and maybe a hint or two.

Flags have the format csc{xxxxxxxxxxxxx} so you'll know when you found it.

S3cRet Adm1n P4nel

Websites often get hacked, and it's often easier than you think. Why don't you try to get into our Super Secret Admin Panel? (This challenge contains 2 flags)

What is this gibberish?

Programming can be pretty difficult sometimes, but figuring out what someone else's code does is often even more difficult. This is called reverse-engineering. Can you figure out what the script below does?

Encode ALL the stuff!

Encoding and encryption are often used on the internet. This secret message underwent a few transformations. Can you figure out the original message?
Free tip: Use Cyberchef!

I knew running Linux would come in handy one day!

Even binaries can be picked apart. You'll have to run this binary on Linux and figure out the password.